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  BCP specialise in the design and installation of Geothermal Heating Plants.

BCP in common with many other people are interested in the concept of Renewable Energy.

We now get involved in the application of Geothermal heating plant both in its design and implementation. If you are interested in the possibility of installing geothermal heating on your own property please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a proposal of whether this would be possible and more importantly, what the benefits would be and how much it would cost.
  Example One  

Underground 'Slinky' triple loop system. Flow and Return pipe work back to house/plant room. This was then built up with a concrete 'Manhole'.

This was a small plant room in which to site the hot water storage cylinder and compressors. All pipe work came back to this room controlling underfloor heating, towel rail circuit and some radiators on the upper floors. The incoming water main is to the right and each bathroom was valved separately.


On the right is an electric back-up system for the heating only as the hot water storage cylinder has an electric immersion for hot water back-up.

In the centre is a bronze pump providing a secondary return system in order to limit the dead-leg on the hot water system. This provides hot water continually circulating the property, ensuring that a small amount of water is drawn through a hot tap before it runs hot.

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